A Meaty Weekend (continued)

Today was a beautiful day in Paris and I decided to rent a velib (part of the public bicycle rental scheme in the city) and bike down to Concorde and le Jardin des Tuileries. As I parked my bike, I realized how close I was to the Place du Marché SaintHonoré. It used to be an Old Market but now hosts a modern glass building sitting in the middle of this big square surrounded by local restaurants with some trendy international shops (Marc Jacobs) while mingling with your local fruit and vegetable store, butcher, etc…

I went to a restaurant I tend to go with my parents called Cuisine et Confidences. It is always packed during the weekly lunch hour. They have, by far the best steak tartare and carpaccio (yes in one dish!) served with olive and red pepper tapenades (this dish cost 14 Euros and it’s worth it since the Carpaccio costs 12 Euros and the Steak Tartare alone costs 13 Euros…so why not have the best of both?). 

Steak tartare and Beef Carpaccio with a Mesclun salad and Parmesan cheese

The fun part about this restaurant is that you can literally ‘spray’ olive oil and balsamic vinegar onto your dish. But sometimes this task can be tedious as, for some people like myself, i like a lot of both and you continuously have to spray out the olive oil and vinegar from the bottle, where only a teeny bit comes out at a time.

Cuisine et Confidences
33, Place du Marché Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris
Price: around 20 euros (with a drink)


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