Day 2: Uniform and Guidelines

Today, we went to try out and measure the uniforms at Ferrandi. We got checkered pants, jacket with Ferrandi and our name written on it (but since the machine broke we have to come back…ah la France!), apron, hat and a towel.
I haven’t taken a picture of myself as I was in such a rush but will do tomorrow before the REAL first day of cooking (Potage or Soup).

Main entrance of L’Ecole Ferrandi

We also did a more precise tour of the Economat (the school storage where all the produce (fresh and stored) will be coming from). We learned the inner workings of the garde-manger (where the cart will be and how it will be taken out and the produce to be divided into 13 portions (including the Chef of course!), to prepare all the fruits/vegetables, how to bring out the food, how to turn on the gas (from the mother of all stoves!), how to set your station, etc….


Once a week, someone in our group will be Sous-Chef, meaning they are responsible for being there a little early, making sure there’s the allocated number of produce for everyone during the day, turning on the gas, delegating tasks and at the end of the session, labeling the produce that can be stored, etc…This week is not me, but I’m sure as the last names go down the alphabet, it’ll be my turn pretty soon!

We were also allocated our Chef/Supervisor for the next 5 months and I’ll be following Stephane Gabrielly! Can’t wait, he seems tough but if you do good on his side, I think it’ll be smooth sailing!

Everyone opening their malette (knife set)
The knife set – so many things, and so heavy!

Read the recipes for tomorrow and friday, and like I said, we’ll be doing different sorts of potage. Can’t wait! 120% for tomorrow, says Michel (our director). Will try to take pics of the finished products!

 Good night for now, up early tomorrow!

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