First week realization

I can’t believe the first week is already done and that we’re already in the month of September.
It has only been 2 days of actual cooking, 5 hours each time, and though its ‘potage’ (soup), it’s all about getting the right cutting done. So far we’ve done Potage Cultivateur and Soupe Minestrone – all using carrots, celery, potatoes, leeks, oignons, some garlic, some tomatoes. Today we also used pistou, which is not pesto since it does not contain any pignons (pine nuts).
Stephane said I improved (yay) but that I need to season it more. Funny thing is I like very salty food and I tend to oversalt them so I’m trying my best not to do that, but now it’s not salty enough. We each cook for 4 people for each meal, so I guess overdoing it a little bit should be fine. In any case, better have it under-salted so that customers can add it, than over-salt?

Other than that, it has been fun, hectic and a definite learning experience. Everyday we’re learning something new which is great. And what’s most important and encouraged by Stephane is that we should always ask WHY (why is it cooked that way, why it is cut that way, etc…) because there is always a reason why it is done one way over the other!

Ready for the ‘taillage’ – cutting
Preparing the vegetables ‘a la brunoise’

For the potage cultivateur- which comes with minced pork sweated in beurre (because as Chef Stephane says, both the pork and leek LOVE the beurre).

Chef Stephane demonstrating how to cut off la ‘couenne’ – fat of pork

During the debrief today, Chef Stephane was happy we were all working as a team, helping each other out, and plus we finished an hour and a half early! Because it’s friday and he wants to start the weekend just like us! Overall, he says we’re working on the same level and progressing together which is great! Keep up the work Anglo B!

Good week overall, hopefully get to try out a new and upcoming restaurant this weekend, if not cook!

Can’t wait for next week – stocks!
And… T- 3 weeks until first lunch and dinner service!

One Response to “First week realization”
  1. G.Ginesta says:

    I demand a short summary for each week with the Best and Worst, Funniest, and Random. Do it!

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