Second week realization

Can’t believe it’s already been 2 weeks since I started this whole adventure. It’s a bit surreal to be honest!
My thumb is slowly healing and the cut is closing itself little by little but every time I’m holding a pot, I can feel a strain making it difficult for it to heal. 
Luckily we have a long weekend this week so for the next couple of days, it won’t be strained…well hopefully…

Ferrandi has been epic so far, a lot of stress and pressure in the kitchen to do well under Chef Stephane but the adrenaline rush makes it all worth while. We’ve done more potages this week, and I know more will come in the next week, but we need to get the basics done and I’m more than willing to learn EVERYTHING that comes my way!

Yesterday we did 2 potages at the same time: Velouté Dubarry (Cauliflower Velouté) and Crème de Cresson (Cream of Watercrest). 

For the Velouté Dubarry, first leeks (white part) are cooked in butter in a saute pan, then flour is added and so is the Cauliflower. Let it simmer then add stock (preferably veal, if not than chicken or vegetable will do), let them come to a boil and once it reduces a little bit, you have to mix it with a blender so that it thickens. 

Velouté Dubarry 

For a Velouté to be what it is, you have to add a liaison (a link) which in this case is Cream and egg yolks. Mix both ingredients together and slowly pour it in the pot (not on top of the fire or else the eggs curdle and you have scrambled eggs!).

For the Crème de Cresson, the green part of the leeks are cooked in butter and then joined by the watercrest and potatoes as well as stock until it comes to a boil. It is then passed through a mixer and strained. For a Crème to be what it is, it also needs a liaison and in this case, cream. 

Chef Stephane even let us plate our soup with an added bonus: espuma! Espuma is foam that comes out of a siphon (N2O canister) and is used a lot in molecular gastronomy as it incorporates a lighter texture of whatever ingredient you want to a dish. Ferran Adria (owner of El Bulli) is known to use Espuma in his dishes! On top of our Crème de Cresson, we put foamed salmon. It was awesome!

Crème de Cresson with Salmon Espuma (unfortunately the canister hasn’t been used in ages so it wasn’t foamy but still good looking!)

In the meantime, I’m trying to take advantage of the beautiful weather in Paris and went for a little promenade along the Seine. Love these little vintage book stores/stalls!

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de Cresson, the green part of the leeks are also cooked through butter then is joined by the watercrest and potatoes. It is then covered with a stock, mixed through a blender and passed through a strainer. It too needs a liaison, in this case; only cream. 


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