Le Marais

School’s off (a rare exception) so decided to explore Paris a bit more. I had been to Le Marais (literally ‘swamp’) in the 3rd and now stretching to 4th district in Paris before but wanted to walk through the small winding streets that encompass the Jewish community. It was an absolutely beautiful day and the perfect weather to sit outside in a cafe, eat some apple strudel (obviously kosher) and grab a bite in the best falafel place in France (hands down!).

The Rue des Rosiers (tucked between Saint Paul and Rambuteau metro stations is a small winding road housing all the Jewish (Yiddish) bakeries. You can’t miss them!

I went into a couple of bakeries but two of my favorites were: Murciano Boulangerie et Patisserie and the famous Sacha Finkelszatjn. They sold all childhood favorite desserts and fresh Challah bread out of the oven. 

First, Murciano Boulangerie et Patisserie (16 Rue des Rosiers)

Great sugar coated cookies for tea/coffee!
A childhood favorite: apple strudel!

Luckily, I packed the desserts to go as I had to make room for L’As du Fallafel (34 Rue des Rosiers); a kosher fallafel place (surrounded by others – but this is proven to be the best one, even better than its rival across the street Mi Va Mi) – costs: 5 euros. 
Best falafel in Paris hands down!

A quick stop to Sacha Finkelsztajn (27 Rue des Rosiers) before leaving the arrondissement. 

Now the famous ‘Sasha Finkelsztajn’

Yummy Kadaif (looks like chinese bean noodle) – stuffed with walnuts and pistacchios on top
How could you not take a Mazurka? It’s a Polish dessert with raisins, walnuts, plums and almonds on top

Beautiful and delicious Challah bread 
Who could forget Lox and a Schmear (of cream cheese) in a Jewish bakery?

At the end of a long day walking, went to my neighborhood cafe, Dominique Geoffroy (on Chaussee de la Muette, across the station) and they gave me even more desserts!
Mini tarte aux framboises and an Eclair au caramel
Overall, a day well spent!
3 Responses to “Le Marais”
  1. G.Ginesta says:

    Basically, I hate you.

    Reading this makes me so stupidly hungry, its not fair. And its not like I can just walk to Great/Wellcome and go get some yummies; they just dont have them. PFFFF.

  2. sophie says:

    I Agree with G! Everytime I read your posts, my mouth waters and I dont think ive ever tried a falafel before but im absolutely CRAVING it right now. thanks for that.

  3. Adele Barlow says:

    Ahhhhh.. the Mazurka. And apple strudel – mmmm

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