Menu Régional: Provence

Today our group sat down to lunch for the Menu de Provence, each dish prepared by us and eaten by us (with wine from Provence of course: one Rosé and 2 bottle of Reds) – we all worked really hard from 8 am – 1 pm, and we all deserved a good relaxing lunch!

Cheers! (From left to right): Rosella, Isabel, Yi Yu, Dionisis, Roberto, Matan, Maniko, Natalia, Chef Antoine, Carolina, Joppe and Sinan — yes I am taking the picture!
Anchoïade (By Dionisis)

Cut vegetables and hard boiled egg dipped in Anchovy mayonnaise

Petit Farcis à la Provençale (By Rosella and Roberto)

Eggplant, zucchini and tomato stuffed with minced pork, lamb, mushrooms and shallots
Filets de Rougets à la Crème d’Olive et Marjolaine, Fine Ratatouille (By Carolina, Maniko and Me!)

Filets of red mullet with ratatouille and olive cream with basil
Aïoli de Cabillaud, Epinards Sautés à Cru (By Matan and Natalia)

Codfish with sauteed spinach and Aioli sauce
Daube à la Provençale (By Isabel and Yi Yu)

Braised beef with zucchini, potato chip, spring onion, olives and bell peppers

Macarons au Citron (By Sinan and Joppe) 

– We were also suppose to have lemon sorbet but someone had thrown it out of the fridge (SAD)

Lemon macaroons (and Carolina’s sad face that there was no lemon sorbet)
Roberto loving the macaroons!
Matan and Maniko enjoying some downtime

2 Responses to “Menu Régional: Provence”
  1. Sinan says:

    The chef in kitchen 132 threw out the sorbet. He tasted it, liked it and then threw it away! It's interculinary politics, real grease-ball stuff.

  2. Starkhati says:

    This all looks yummy yummy for my tummy 🙂 So proud of you JBG!

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