Saumon et Truite

Today was a good day with experience fileting la belle rouge (salmon) which were very fresh (from this morning). To be sure the fish is fresh they must follow the following criteria: 1. smell fresh, 2. have a shiny skin, 3. have a uniform color on the gills (preferably red), 4. be firm. 

With the fish we had, we smoked some filets (yes, from scratcth!).

Chef Stephane demonstrating how to ‘ecailler and debarber’ the fish (descale and cut off the fins)
Dionisis looking serious and doing the same

We also worked with truites (trout) with which we made tartare out of.

How to filet the trout

For the tartare de truites, we cut in brunoise bell peppers (yellow, green and red), zucchini, diced shallots, thinly sliced dill, added some balsamic vinegar, olive oil, kikoman sauce, lemon and lime zest (diced) and awesome grape mustard (below).

Final presentation:

In the end we also marinated some filets in a cataplasme d’herbes including parsley, fennel, grain of coriander, badiane (star of anis and anis grains), cumin among others in a blender and pasted on the salmon (normally for 2 weeks, but we’re doing dinner/lunch service next week so a little earlier). 

Spreading the mixture on the salmon

Making sure the ‘cataplasme’ is spread evenly on the whole salmon

We will see the end result next week!

Exactly 1 week until our first dinner and lunch service! Can’t wait!


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