A Servir Très Frais

Today we explored the world of agrumes (citrus fruits) and practiced our taillage (cuts) on limes, lemons, oranges, pomelos and grapefruits.

We made a gelée out of the citrus fruits but forgot to take a picture…my bad! But in the meantime…

Refreshing drink made from cut orange, pomelo and grapefruit supreme and their juices, grenadine, tonic water, lime zest….just need the vodka and we’re set!
Orange carpaccio with fresh juice, shallots, coriander, sesame oil, olive oil, salt – which can be served with raw fish/seafood
Orange and Lemon Basket – possibly putting fresh fish seafood on the top

I also had a video of how Chef made the basket but the website can’t upload it for some reason. After I get it fixed, I’ll post it!

But we also smoked salmon (from scratch!) by putting the whole piece on a grill in an oven where below there is smoked wood and egg carton pieces – for a couple of hours.

Chef (below left) putting hetre in the cocotte with some torn egg cartons and burning it (below right) just before going into the oven. 

Salmon is ready to go (below left) and in the oven with a bucket of ice underneath to keep cool and the smoking cocotte right at the bottom. 

End Result:
Smoked salmon

The salmon is then put in an air-tight vacuumed bag until serving

Tada! Smoked Salmon
One Response to “A Servir Très Frais”
  1. G.Ginesta says:

    That Drink looks AWESOME. I think Tequila could also work well with it though. Try it and let me know?

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