Crudités Variés

Today we moved onto cold hors-d’oeuvres with raw vegetables. Most were thinly sliced if not cut in julienne seasoned with different vinaigrettes or sauce mayonnaise.
Love the colors of the various tomatoes

The boys loving the sliced fennel with vinaigrette that Chef prepared for demo. 
We did an assortment of vegetables today:
Carottes à la julienne: orange, blanche (white), jaune (yellow) et violette (yes…purple!) seasoned with salt, pepper, oil and dark vinegar
Celeri (celery) rave à la julienne with mayonnaise (1 egg yolk, salt, pepper, mustard, ground nut oil and a little lemon juice whisked together)
– Radis (radish) taillés en fleur (shaped like a flower)
Tomates mondés (skinned tomatoes) à la vinaigrette with thinly diced échalottes (shallots)
– Concombres (Cucumber) with crème fraiche and chopped ciboulette (chives)
Choux rouge (Red cabbage) with vinaigre blanc (white vinegar)
Feuille de Chaine (lettuce)
Can’t believe it’s already been a week since I first started at Ferrandi…time passes by so fast but loving every minute of it!

Next week is our first dinner/lunch service…it’s going to be intense but well worth the wait! TGIF! Now…time to party!


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