BBQ Galore

What happens when you round up 15 culinary students and 20 bottles of wine? A feast of course!
Maniko, Eddie and Bali invited the Anglos over for a BBQ dinner and luckily we were graced by the sun and some clouds (without rain!) on a beautiful balcony!

Snacking starts early
There was food for every palette: kimchi, saucissons, salami, salad, cheese, bread, salsa, chips, grilled meat (pork chops, beef, veal chops, chicken, beef patties), grilled vegetables (eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, onions), and of course dessert (cakes, biscuits and chocolate souffle)! Who could forget the alcohol (red, white, rose, shoju) and shisha to top it all off!

A glimpse at some of the grilled meats
Letting Eddie relax at the bbq – just for a bit! 🙂

Matan and his new best friend Bali

Dionisis and his sous-chefs Maniko and Nicole preparing Chocolate Souffles
Dessert time!

Getting rowdy: Marysol, Natalia, Maniko, Isabel and I

Big Thanks to Maniko, Eddie and Bali again for welcoming us to their home and for being great hosts. We all had an awesome time! 

Bali – (who ended up with a huge fan club at the end of the night!)

A new week starts tomorrow with our first dinner/lunch service on Wednesday and Thursday and then the Regional Menu of Normandie. Busy Busy Busy! But tomorrow, a sweet start with pastry class!


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