First Restaurant Service…

Wednesday evening and Thursday afternoon, both Anglo groups prepared our first restaurant service. It was a great experience to know the life of the kitchen, but it’s definitely hectic when your plate is up and you have to make sure of the timing, especially the dish that goes to the dining room before you!
Despite several cuts and burns (a normal outcome of the day), I had a lot of fun, I was excited about the opportunity and despite certain times of stress, I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience.
Dining room before service

Anglo B’s menu as follows:

1. Amuse-Bouche: Veloute de champignons, espumas de lard fume, brunoises de cepes (Isabel)

Getting ready for plating

2. Le saumon (fume, marine, rillettes) (Carolina, Natalia and Sinan)

Hard at work in the garde-manger

3. Pave de lieu noir, au coco de Paimpol, vinaigrette de jus de volaille et balsamique (Maniko, Yi Yu, Matan and Joppe)

4. Filets de Canette et sa cuisse en Pastilla, Jus Court aux Epices, Gratin de Topinambours (Rosella, Roberto, Dionisis and Me)

Showing us how to burn off the duck feathers

Preparing the demi-glace for the duck…Loving this picture!
Final presentation of the canard

Very tiring last 2 days but an unforgettable experience…can’t wait for more!
2 Responses to “First Restaurant Service…”
  1. R.Valli says:

    love it!

    ra ra ra ra aaa!

  2. G.Ginesta says:

    Congrats; I hope it was a brilliant success – though I'm pretty sure it must have been.

    Now if your CoD skills could be as good as your cooking skills… HA!

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