Menu Régional: Normandie

After a long week of working for several hours, it was nice to get to sit down and enjoy the food we make altogether.

This week’s region was Normandie, which is not known for its wine so we substituted it with wine from other regions but I did try out a cider which accompanied one of the fish dishes. All the dishes on the menu I loved and I tried to taste just a bit so that I could eat everything (but was restraining myself very hard as I wanted to finish it all!)

Verrine de Tourteaux, Espuma d’Avocat (Isabel, Joppe)

Minced crab with Avocado cream 

Bar Entier en Croute de Sel aux Deux Pommes (Yi Yu, Dionisis)

Cooking the fish in a mound of salt

Seabass with thinly diced Trompette de la Mort (mushrooms) and Green apples

Soles Farcies, Duxelles de Champignons au Gingembre, Creme de Moules et Bigorneaux, Purée Fine de Topinambours (Natalia, Roberto, Sinan)

Cepes (mushrooms) wrapped in Sole, accompanied by purple potato chips, sauce from mussels and sea snail and a puree

Canard en Deux Cuissons, Roti sur Coffre Cuisse en Crépine, et Jus Court, Pommés dauphines (Carolina, Maniko, Matan)

Duck with demi-glace, fried pates a chou and minced meat 

Dessert: Hybrid Tarte: Tarte Bourdaloue with an Alsacienne Mixture and Apples with Calvados (Rosella, Me)

Caramelizing the sugar

Flambeed Calvados Apple Tart with Caramel Sauce accompanied by Caramel ice-cream
In the meantime, this is a great Macaroon place, recommended by Sinan. The flavors are amazing and include Melon-Vodka, Rhum Coco among others. And they’re all a little piece of heaven! A must try in the 6th arrondissement.

It’s been a long and tiring week with the first dinner/lunch service and I am so pooped out, I cannot wait to get some rest. But it was a great week, with ups and downs but it’s the experience that matters! Can’t wait for next week – we’re doing a boucherie (butcher) class!


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