In the fridge

Today from morning until late afternoon, we were working/watching demonstrations in a refrigerated room and it definitely does not help when it’s getting cold outside too.

In the morning, we had pastry class (room remains at a temperature of about 14 degrees Celsius) and made some lovely Mille-feuilles. It is a 3-layer puff pastry which alternates with 2 layers of crème pâtissière. The top is then coated with icing sugar. 

Mixing Flour with water and sugar

Rolling out the dough

Ribbing the sides for the fruit pastry

The best part…cream!

Trying the rhum cream

Final presentation:

After a sweet morning, our group ventured to l’Ecole de Boucherie where we were given an explanation on bovine (beef) and ovine (lamb) meats (where they come from, their types, their cuts, etc…) and then into a chilled room for a demonstration on cutting down and separating different cuts of lamb meat. Very interesting with perfect cutting! Unfortunately, the school did not have a grill we could use (to eat of course) and we weren’t allowed to take the lovely meat home. 

Ready to go in with our lovely outfits and shoes

Great cuts of meat too!

A clear sight 🙂

Final display of cuts


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