Second Restaurant Service…

For the past 2 days, our group has been hecticly involved in our 2nd restaurant service, which I must say, went through great! Obviously it was a bit stressful especially when orders came in, at what seemed as all at one time, but we all pulled through in the end and it was a great success.

So…here we go!

Amuse-Bouche: Espuma de tartiflete en coques de pommes de terre, Lardons croustillants

Boiled Potato topped with Espuma of Cream, Bacon and Reblochon Cheese, Bacon bits and Piment D’Espelette

Appetizer: Oeufs poches aux coquillages, compotee de tomate emulsion de moules

Soft-boiled egg withTomato and Mussel and Coquel sauce and foam
Main course: Tarte fine de Saint-Jacques, Beurre blanc a la vanille

Scallop tarte with Butter-Vanilla cream
Main Dish: Meat

Final plating: Rable de Lapin farci en porchetta, ziti en croute de parmesan, jus court a la sauge
Rabbit saddle wrapped in bacon on baked Ziti and accompanied by a jus
Overall, it was a great day for all – full of frustration/excitement/experience but it all turned out well. Tomorrow it’s the regional menu of Alsace, cannot wait for more good cooking!
A big hug to Anglo Group B for their hard work and commitment and great performance overall! Keep up the good work! 

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  1. R.Valli says:

    LOV IT…. all your posts..

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