Menu Régional: Alsace

Today was our regional menu of Alsace which consisted of some German and French flair in the food and in the wine accompanied by an accompaniment of pork in every dish (except dessert of course). It went more smoothly than the last time.

I’ll stop blabbing on now – enjoy the pics!

Amuse-Bouche by Me: Tarte Flambée (Flammekusche)

Tarte with sliced onions, smoked bacon and eggs and cream

We were even joined by a glass of pig’s blood…

Entrée: Foie gras poelé aux fruits de saison, Kouglof by Rosella and Matan
Foie gras accompanied by a jus of Duck, Kouglof bread (with raisins and apricots) and fruits of the season: figs, pears, apples and grapes

Poisson (Fish): Sandre en choucroute a l’ancienne, beurre blanc by Isabel, Roberto and Sinan

Photos in action…

Fresh off the pan

Pike on a bed of sauerkrout and butter cream

Viande (Meat): Chevreuil en deux cuissons, légumes oubliés by Yiyu, Maniko, Diyonisis and Joppe

Chef and his lovely cepes – look how happy he is!

Doe (yes…bambi!) cooked two ways accompanied by mushrooms, purees 3 ways and vegetables

Dessert: Gateaux tout chocolat, glace au fromage blanc by Carolina and Natalia

From left to right: Chocolate souffle and hazelnut cake, chocolate milk and white cheese ice-cream 

During clean-up….hey, why not?

A good day and a good end to the week. In definite need of some rest during the weekend, but that hardly happens, always something to do, somewhere to go and something to eat!


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