First, I wasn’t able to blog yesterday as I missed class due to an appointment I had to get my resident permit in France, so yay now I’m a temporary French resident!
Unfortunately, I missed a super class which made blinis and topped it off with Caviar…aaaah, the one time I miss class, I miss caviar! But oh well…

Since Mom’s been here, we decided to have a seafood fest:

Tourteau (Crab)

Langoustines, crevettes roses et crevettes grises (Langoustines and shrimps)
It went really well with the Squid and black ink risotto we made in class today!

Cleaning the encornets (squid)….

Cooking the risotto and making sure it’s nice and creamy…It was super hot especially with the stoves and fire in your face!
Me doing 3 things at once..yes that’s how we do things in the kitchen!

Final presentation minus ink

Final presentation with ink

We also made the last of our dishes with dough which was a saucisson in a brioche

For those from Hong Kong, the bread reminded me of ‘milk bread‘ from 7-Eleven, go figure we used a little bit of warm milk to mix with the yeast and to make the bread….

Final presentation with a Sauce Porto (reduction of porto wine with carottes, onions and shallots)…


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