Win some, Lose some…

So, my camera has officially died. I wouldn’t say it’s an end of an era, but I’ve had this camera for maybe 4 years, dropped it, banged it against a wall, poured water, alcohol, even food on it and it survived, but I guess yesterday it just decided to give up!
I tried to take photos at the end of class, and it just didn’t want to turn on! I guess I’ll have to move on to another camera now…

Thankfully, Yiyu took some great pics and I’m able to show you what we did yesterday; Rouleau de Truite au Riesling, Pommes de Terre a l’Anglaise. 

We presented it with crusty trout skin, roll of trout cooked in a steamed oven, with a fish mousse at its center (green because of a mixture with parsley and other herbs) and accompanied by a reduction of Riesling wine, shallots, butter and cream. 

Don’t worry, luckily my mom has a camera on hand, so I’ll be able to continue my culinary adventures and will have to ‘borrow’ it from her in the meantime or else this blog would die too!


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