Demo: Chef Yann Plassard

Today was a special day at Ferrandi as we welcomed Chef Yann Plassard, of 2 Michelin-star “La Fleur de Sel” into our kitchen to give us a cooking (and tasting) demo of some of his creative dishes.
Chef Plassard’s serves carefully prepared food from the Brittany region but keeps busy with his 3 restaurants and his sous-chef of 12 years.
Today’s menu:

1. Potiron roti, croustillant et émulsion de lard fume (roasted pumpkin with emulsion and crispy smoked bacon)

2. Chair de tourteaux, crémeux de chou-fleur, cappuccino de tourteau et tartare d’herbes (Crab meat, cauliflower cream, cappuccino of crab and herb tartar)

Male and Female crab
Cream of Cauliflower 
Using the siphon filled with cappuccino of crab
Final plating

3. Bar de ligne en feuille de “carta fata”, chataignes émulsionées, ble noir croquant (Seabass cooked in ‘carta fata’ paper, emulsified chestnuts and crispy black wheat)

The black wheat

The right consistency…

Getting ready to cook black wheat

Preparing the girolles mushrooms

Sauteed leek, girolles mushrooms and seabass

Wrapping it in transparent baking paper (served as a bonbon)

Final plating…

The Chef grilled the fish in a transparent baking paper and presented it on the dish!

4. Figues poelées, glace vanille et vin rouge (Sauteed figs with red wine and vanilla ice-cream)


In the end, we celebrated with champagne…What an awesome day!

An awesome demo by a great Chef, thanks to both Chefs (Gabrielly and De Massard) for inviting him to come but also thanks to Chef Plassard for taking time off from his busy schedule and showing us some of his lovely dishes!


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