Menu Régional: Bordeaux

Today was Menu Régional: Bordeaux which Chef wanted to be PERFECT (as always) but more so because he is emotionally attached to the region. Personally I think it is the best meal so far. It was a lot of work, with a 1 day ahead prep but it was all worth it in the end, every dish very imaginative, creative and very tasty. 
The meal was paired with great wines of the region (my favorite): White for the Amuse Bouche and the Entrée: a 2004 Pessac-Léognan, and Red for the 2 Meat dishes: A 2005 St. Emilion Grand Cru.  


Amuse Bouche: Tarte fine de Cèpes, Compotée d’échalote, glace au fois gras (Cintyia and Matan)

Cèpes mushroom tarte, shallot compote and foie gras ice-cream (yes…ice-cream)

Entrée: Déclinaison de couteaux aux concombres (Natalia, Diyonisis, Joppe)

Razor clam three ways: tartar, with bacon and breaded with cucumber dip


1. Salmis de palombes et son coffre roti (Carolina, Yiyu, Rosella)

Wild pigeon, cooked in wine and seared accompanied by artichoke and girolles mushrooms

Yes… plucking the feathers of the wild pigeon

2. Agneau de lait rehaussée a la harissa, polenta crémeuse au parmesan (Dream team: Roberto, Sinan and Me)

Lamb: braised shoulder and roasted filet, harissa and pesto sauce, polenta and parmesan chip

Desserts: Cannelés Bordelais, Crème brulé mangue, pommes et Sorbet au Lillet

Crepe dough tumblers (Cannelés), Crème brulé 2 ways, Lillet (wine-based liquor) sorbet – this was addictive but super strong! Love it 🙂

Unfortunately, today was only Thursday and since we usually have the regional meal on Friday, it felt as if the weekend was coming, alas, we still have one more day to push through!


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