A Perfect Spring in Autumn

Spring, by Chicago-born Chef Daniel Rose, finally confirmed a reservation for lunch today, a very rare occasion at that – as it is almost impossible to get a reservation for the next 3 months! After class, a few of us took the metro up to the tiny but modern restaurant holding no more than 30 customers, tucked in a side street of the premier arrondissement behind the shadow of the Louvre. The Chef’s cuisine du marché menu at 38 euros, changes daily and are different at lunch and dinner but is in the hands of Chef Rose himself. Every meal is properly thought out during the Chef’s 1 hour ‘break’, when he isn’t preparing his next meal or being sociable to customers. 
After our lunch, Rose was nice enough to stop by for a quick chit-chat with us about his life, career and we were full of questions for him (of course!). 
Surprisingly during the lunch service, as hectic as the kitchen may be, it was relatively calm, even silent (it would be theatrically entertaining to see Chefs screaming at each other) but all the staff were calm, composed and presented beautifully crafted dishes with utmost detail…the ‘brunoise’ radish was very brunoise to the point where all of them were the exact exact shape!!

Making a reservation for dinner (harder than lunch) is almost a daily committing activity but it is all worth it in the end. For a restaurant that was suppose to be open only for 1 year and has stayed opened since then while attracting the best food critics and the secret Michelin inspectors deserves respect and commendation.

Diners enjoy the up close and personal view of the open kitchen, stainless steel, equipped with machines and glass walls.

Amuse Bouche: Bouillon au Cèpes, Menthe (Cèpes mushroom soup, mint)

Entrée: Truite crue accompagnée de radis, girolles (Raw trout accompanied by radish, girolles mushrooms)

Amuse Bouche: L’os à moelle (Marrow bone)

Plat: Palombe, purée de céléri (Wild pigeon, puree of celery)

Dessert: Mousse de chataigne, crème fraiche, glace au chocolat et sauce caramel (Chestnut mousse, crème fraiche, chocolate ice-cream and caramel sauce)

Amuse Bouche 3: Ganache a l’huile d’olive, vanille et chocolat blanc (Olive oil ganache with vanilla bean and white chocolate)

This last dish was the weirdest thing I have tasted but it played so well on flavors and texture. It was unbelievable. It felt as if I was drinking olive oil but then it hits you with the vanilla and white chocolate flavors. 

I just wished I stayed on for dinner…

6 rue Bailleul, 75001
Tel: 01-58-62-44-30
Metro: Louvre-Rivoli (Ligne 1)

In school, we did quick recipes of fish, this time fried (one in a pan and the other in the deep fryer). My fillets were quite awful on the first one as the fish broke up when I fried and presented it, but I enjoyed the second one accompanied by a Mayonnaise tartar sauce.

1. Merlan Colbert (Fish that are open on both sides, breaded and fried in oil)

2. Goujonnettes de Merlan, sauce tartare (Fish strips breaded and deep fried, accompanied by a Mayonnaise tartare with capers, french cornichons pickles, parsley, tarragon and dill)

Before closing this blog entry today, wishing Chef Gabrielly a very Happy Birthday on Sunday! Hope he has a great day with family and friends!

A shoutout to Maniko for getting him a lovely cake!

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