Third Restaurant Service…

I apologize in advance for not having posted for what seems to be the longest time. During the weekend (saturday, sunday and public holiday Monday (Toussaint), I did not do anything culinarily interesting; Tuesday I burned a part of my palm and felt so hectic that I forgot to take pictures of our last fish day (including pan fried trout with capers)…and now is a culmination of wednesday night and thursday afternoon restaurant service. 

I can’t believe we’re already in November and are on our 3rd restaurant service. One always thinks the job and organization can be well managed, but in the kitchen as was our 3rd restaurant service, there can always be a toss up, there’s always a rush, and things get a bit hectic: whether it would be the mise-en-place, the final plating, the time coordination with the other group in terms of sending in the plate at the same time, etc…But, it was a successful one in the end, everyone worked hard and deserves a pat on the back and a DRINK 🙂

Sadly, only a couple of the restaurant services left; as crazy as they can be sometimes, it’s a lot of fun with adrenaline rush and stress and a definite learning experience…Until next service! In the meantime, I present to you, Anglo B’s dinner/lunch menu.

Amuse Bouche: Déclinaison sur l’Huitre
(Cooked oyster with diced jerusalem artichoke topped with espuma and oyster leaf)

Entrée: Minestrone de coquillage, Infusion à la citronnelle, Gambas roti au lard
(Minestrone of shellfish, infusion of lemongress, roasted Gambas with bacon)

Poisson: Saint-Jacques, céléri remoulade, émulsion de curry, vinaigrette de coques passion
(Scallops, celery salad, curry emulsion and vinaigrette of cockle and passionfruit)

Details, details…

Final plating…

Viande: Selle d’agneau farcie, mille feuille de légumes à la gelée de tomate et Cannelloni de chèvre au pesto et coulis de tomate
(Stuffed saddle of lamb with vegetable millefeuille and tomato jelly with goat cheese, pesto and tomato coulis cannelloni)

Hard at work…

Final plating…

Tomorrow it’s friday but it’s not over yet…regional menu…bring it on!!!


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