This week, we were also lucky enough to have a demo by Bruno Gauvain, Directeur de C.F.A Poissonnerie Rungis and a Meilleur Ouvrier de France (M.O.F 2007) – in recognition of his outstanding work in the fish and seafood industries. Once you are a M.O.F, your uniform distinguishes you from the rest of the people in your industry as the collar will be striped blue, white and red (symbolizing the French flag). Pretty awesome!

In this demo, which is one of two, he showed us how to open scallops, oysters and different kinds of clams. I really liked the demo of Mr. Gauvain as he was patient with us, explained it thoroughly and was even humorous.


Rosella and Roberto opening scallops

Now, explaining the oysters and how to open them…a bit more complicated. Also, oysters are ranked from 1 to 5 according to their size, where 1 is the biggest and 5 is the smallest. Apparently number 3 is what most people by at the fishmonger’s.
Sea urchins:
Not as sweet as the Japanese ones…

Razor clams (couteaux) which were still alive…

One Response to “Aquaculture”
  1. G.Ginesta says:

    I am still reading this as soon as they're up. Awesome!

    The sea urchins look so puny though hahaha. You need to go to Chile and feast on the abnormally gigantic ones there.

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