Menu Régional: Languedoc-Roussillon

Today was our regional menu of Languedoc-Roussillon, a province in the South of France, bordering the Mediterranean sea. From the other group (Anglo A), the word of mouth was that it was a hefty meal, especially when it came to the meat so we should be prepared to not eat any breakfast that morning; indeed it was but it was all delicious!

Amuse-Bouche by Maniko:
Espuma de chèvre, crumble de chorizo (Espuma of goat cheese, chorizo crumble)

Final plating…

Entrée by Yiyu and Isabel: 
Petits Patés de Pezenas et Tarte fine de Sardine à la moutarde à l’ancienne (Pezenas pastry, Sardine tart with brown mustard seed)

It kind of tasted like Cha Sui Sou…made me miss home! 😦

Patés de Pezenas

Tarte fine de Sardine à la moutarde à l’ancienne

Final plating…

Poisson by Carolina, Dyonisis, Joppe and Sinan: 
Encornet farci à la sétoise, écume à la bouillabaise (Stuffed squid of Sete, Bouillabaise foam, oyster leaf – yes it actually tastes like oyster!)

Final plating…

Viande by Rosela, Natalia and Me 
Cassoulet Languedocien (Languedoc meat (pork, pork belly, pork sausage, lamb, duck leg) and bean stew covered with breadcrumbs in a reduced duck and veal stock)

The pork skin

Before the oven…

After the oven…

Final plating (just taking it out of the cocotte and slabbing it on a dish country style)

Dessert by Matan and Roberto
Nougat glacé, financier, sorbet au muscat et coulis de framboise (Nougat ice-cream, raspberry cake, Muscat wine sorbet and raspberry coulis)

Final plating…

I feel like I am a Cha sui bao (pork bun)…I ate so much but it was so so good! Congrats to all! Another successful end to the week. 

Though another early rise was in store for us and probably the one with the most hours so far, it’s finally the weekend and though my belly is churning right now from all the stuffed food, the weekend is another culinary adventure of its own!


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