Hi, my name is Charlotte

Today in pastry class, we made Charlottes. Charlottes are molded desserts, lined with sponge cake, lady fingers or buttered bread, in our case it was lady fingers. It is then filled with fruit, mousse, custard or whipped cream thickened with gelatin. The dessert is then served chilled and unmolded. 

In our class, we made 2 Charlottes.

The first was layered with coffee bavaroise (flour thickened pastry cream but with gelatin) and the second was layered with raspberry mousse.

The bavaroise Charlotte

Making the lady fingers and spongy-like cake, then oven time

 In a mold, we put the lady fingers, a spongecake at the bottom and 2 layers of the coffee bavaroise and cover it with our flower-like top.

Or…we could add chocolate on top.
The raspberry Charlotte
For this recipe, we decided to make a big batch for everyone and then just divided it. It was absolutely huge!
Whipped eggs and sugar

And adding flour…
Piping our ‘mini’ lady fingers

And adding the raspberry mousse

Then, we blast-freeze it, add a layer of raspberry sauce, transparent glaze and…Tada!
Final presentation…
Finally..the whole gang of Charlottes

One Response to “Hi, my name is Charlotte”
  1. Adele Barlow says:

    Yuuumm! you are getting scary good jadey

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