Fourth Restaurant Service

Another week has gone by and we find ourselves in restaurant service. I can’t believe this is our fourth, feel like we’re just getting in the groove of things in terms of management, organization, etc…At the same time, we only have 2 more services which I find quite sad as it points to the fact that our course ends in about a month. Have I been here for 3 months already? Time has definitely gone by in a split second!

In the meantime, I present to you Anglo B’s menu for our 4th restaurant service. Bon Appétit! A shoutout to Joppe for taking some of the pics!

Anglo B in action…Go, go, go!

Amuse-Bouche by YiYu: Cocktail de chair de tourteaux, et son émulsion, guacamole et crème de tacos 
(Cocktail of crabmeat in its emulsion, guacamole and taco cream)

Boiling the crab!

Adding the cream…
Final presentation…

The colorful layers

Entrée by Maniko, Isabel, Matan and Cynthia: Cromesquis d’escargots 
(Escargots cromesquis: deep-fried butter balls with herbs and snails)

Team escargot shaping the cromesquis
Ready for the crust

The final touches…

Final Presentation

Poisson by Natalia, Roberto and Me: Filets de Daurade, gratin de Courgettes et Sauce Vierge 
(Grilled filet of Dorade, with Zucchini gratin and a light sauce containing olive oil, lemon juice, tomatoes, fennel, spring onions, capers, olives and herbs).

The sauce before the final plating

Adding the sauce vierge

Final presentation 1 and 2:

Viande by Rosella, Carolina, Sinan and Diyonisis: Poulet rôti en croute d’herbes, purée fines d’échalotes, salsifis et betteraves, au jus de volaille
(Roasted herb-crusted Chicken, with Shallot purée, with salsify (vegetable) and beets with a jus of chicken)

Prepping the chicken…Spreading the herbs and butter
Slicing the chicken for plating

Final presentation

This week was quite busy since we also had our second Fish demo by M.O.F Bruno Gauvain and we learned how to filet different fish including the Rouget, the Merlan and the Dorade.

Anglo A and B listening to M.O.F Gauvain

Fileting the Rouget
I’m so proud of my Dorade filet! Right to the bone 🙂

And finally, a demo (which we watched) of salmon. It was huge…
A hectic week but a good week in terms of learning, developing our skills and getting one step closer to our dreams 🙂

2 Responses to “Fourth Restaurant Service”
  1. G.Ginesta says:

    If this were a TV show, I can just imagine you doing the Grey's Anatomy-like voice over:

    “… getting one step closer to our dreams”


  2. itsateaparty says:

    I'm impressed that you are able to get all these pictures amidst the hectic work! Keep it up 🙂

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