Menu Régional: La Picardie

Another regional menu to add to the books, but the last one in November. In 2 weeks times, we will welcome the Perigord region asDecember’s first regional meal. Crazy how time passes by so fast!

Amuse Bouche: Goyères Valenciennoises by Carolina (Mini cheese puff with a mini ‘Flamiche’ leek tart)

Entrée: Crème de Chou-Fleur aux Moules de Bouchot by Isabel, Natalia and Me (Cauliflower cream soup with breaded mussels)

Breaded mussels covered in herbs

Final plating…

Poisson: Parmentier de Kippers by Maniko and Roberto (Smoked herring with potato purée adapted from Joel Robuchon, and scallops)

Viande: Carbonnade de Boeuf à la Flamande by Yiyu, Matan and Sinan (Beef in jus; braised apple, potato chip)

Look at the huge piece!

Dessert: Assiette tout Café (Plate of coffee desserts) by Rosella and Dyonisis

Making the coffee creme brulee

Busy week ahead with a visit to Rungis Market (the world’s biggest food market) at 4 in the morning, and a day of Charcuterie which will include making blood sausages and deboning a pig! Super cool!


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