Daffy Duck vs. Bugs Bunny

As a child, everyone had their favorite animated character in Looney Tunes and watched the rivalry between Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. I, for one, loved Bugs Bunny. We ended the poultry sessions with 2 very interesting yet simple recipes. One was with roast duck while the other was rabbit (yes, rabbit is part of the poultry family). Though I’m a big fan of Bugs Bunny, in this occasion, I’ll have to side with its arch enemy, Daffy….one will understand why as you read on and see the lovely picture of the rabbit we cooked.

Canard à l’orange, pommes gaufrettes

The duck was fried in a pan for color then finished off in the oven; accompanied by orange slices and a reduction of brown stock, a little orange juice and Grand Marnier.

These chips were cut with a mandoline (cooking utensil for specific slices). One always knows to be careful, unfortunately for me, my palm went through this lovely machine…I will forever remember this day when I look at my palm and see 5 ‘teeth’ marks.
The other recipe was a bit scary at first. Not because it was cooking rabbit but I guess it was the state it came in. No fur but with huge eyeballs. It kind of looks like that rodent in Ice Age that always tries but fails to open the nut. 

The end result is much better looking…Roast rabbit with baby onions, mushrooms and bacon bits and a reduction of brown stock.

Accompanied by a potato purée.

As a sign of winter coming, it snowed that day too! Awesome!!


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