Home Creations

Winter in Paris is a great time for food as shops sell very flavorful meat. As a lover of meat, I’m first in line.

At home, the duck breast was seasoned, fried, fat side down until caramelization, then turned and ‘arroser‘ from its own oil. The inside has to be rose-colored. 

Magret de Canard avec Salade de Saumon et Oeuf.
Fall is also a good season for mushrooms, so decided to try out this recipe. On the bottom is corn covered with an Espuma of mushrooms and topped with crayfish and spinach leaf.
This next dish is a duo of salmon and tuna grilled with a wasabi puree and oven-baked cherry tomatoes with a reduction of soya sauce and honey.
2 Responses to “Home Creations”
  1. Steve says:

    What is the ideal temperature to eat duck? I generally like my steak bleu, but know that Duck should be more cooked. What are the “best” temperatures (i.e. what temperature would a French, snooty food critic order) for duck, venison, etc.?

    Keep up the good work on the blog! Can't wait to try some of it in person…

    ~Steve and Zoe (mainly Steve)

  2. ellag says:

    I can't believe this is the dinner you made at home last night for your friends and can't wait to taste your cooking next week.
    You are also very very creative in the headings.
    We are really proud of you

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