"They must have a bar in Champagne that serves Champagne!"

Today, the Anglo program (both Cuisine and Pastry) were treated to a school trip to Reims (in the region of Champagne). It was absolutely freezing (-5 and in white snow) but we were warmed up with glasses of Champagne (obviously!). 

Like a white Christmas!

We got to visit the Taittinger Museum and Champagne cave. It’s one of the only ones left with underground stairs and original abbeys from the time monks handled the vineyards and caves.

Can’t touch this 🙂

Some of the first bottles we saw fermenting…the 10 out of 1 million or more bottles in the cave!

Someone turns these bottles by hand every single day…
Taittinger bottle from the ceiling
Ready for drinking…and buying…
But first, degustation…
Latinos of Anglo B 🙂

Group Photo time! Anglo A…with Chef Sebastien (3rd from left) and Agnes (our Wine teacher – 4th from left)

Now our turn…Anglo B represent! 🙂 with Chef Stephane (4th from right)
– Maniko we missed you!

We were then treated to a buffet lunch with more of Taittinger‘s Champagne. 

The boys…drinking…

Eating…with no chairs
Roberto de-shelling Kery’s shrimp as demanded
Finally a stroll through the city and Reims Cathedral…

With a pose or two…from Marysol of course.

Roberto carrying Isabel’s champagne…again…as demanded
A final good deed for the day…helping Carolina back on the bus.
A freezing but good day overall. Hectic end of the week coming up with restaurant service and regional menu, let’s get ready!


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