Duck Anatomy in ‘Menu Régional: Périgord’

Today we paid a visit to the Perigord region of France, situated in the south-west corner of the country. Perigord’s cuisine particularly lays importance to produce from ducks and geese, and yes…foie gras! It is also a truffle area but unfortunately our meal wasn’t graced with its presence.

For the foie gras, we used this humongous duck, the best type for foie gras!

Out comes the foie gras – around 600g

Took over the whole body!
What did we do with all its parts? I present to you the Regional Menu.

Amuse Bouche: Rillettes de Canard by Yiyu

Entrée: Marbré de foie gras de canard aux artichauts, Salade croquante by Carolina, Diyonisis and Sinan
– Terrine of duck foie gras, artichokes, potatoes and bacon, Salad

Stacking the terrine

Poisson: Cabillaud et un point c’est tout by Isabel, Rosella and Roberto
– Sauteed codfish in soya-honey, codfish stuffed red bell peppers, and codfish croquette

Viande: Magret de canard, pommes anna, jus de canard au fumet des bois de l’hiver by Matan, Joppe, and Me
– Duck breast topped with its foie gras, baked potato tart, and morille mushroom sauce

Cooking the pommes anna on the stove then the oven

Dessert: Brownies et plus, Sorbet pruneaux armagnac by Maniko and Yiyu
– Chocolate Brownie, Chocolat Madeleine with Armagnac and Prune sorbet

A tiring week but also a reflective one…as school ends in 2 weeks for Xmas holidays! Crazyness! Also Parents come this week so very excited to continue some culinary adventures with them too!

3 Responses to “Duck Anatomy in ‘Menu Régional: Périgord’”
  1. R.Valli says:

    lov the blog, i will always steal the pics.. =)))
    Xo Xo, miss u


  2. Starkhati says:

    Wow….and was it as bad as she makes it out to be in Julie and Julia?

  3. Jade G says:

    hahahaha no it's not THAT bad but you need skill and practice 🙂

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