Saving the best for last!

Meat, meat and more meat was the theme of this week; the last week of just recipes since next week (last classes of the year 2010!!) will be focused on our lunch/dinner service and our regional menu.  We went through all the main meats: lamb, veal, pork (obviously I thought pork was THE best!).

Anyways, no introductions needed for these guys…

1. Navarin aux primeurs (Lamb shoulder stew with baby onions, and turned vegetables)

2. Blanquette de veau à l’ancienne (Poached veal shoulder with cream sauce, rice pilaf)

3. Cotes de porc charcutière, pomme purée (Pork chop with Cornichon and mustard sauce, mashed potatoes)

Cooking the pork chops in oil first

With mashed potatoes (made creamy with milk, liquid cream and butter, of course). 

Carré de porc roti (Roast pork)

Looks scrumptuous already…first on the pan, then finish off in the oven for about 1 hour (and remembering to ‘arrose’ it with oil/stock so that it’s not dry

Don’t forget the sauce…and tada!

4. Escalope de veau viennoise (Veal escalope, viennese style)


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