Pho 14

You can’t miss Phở 14. The neon-lights and the never-ending long queue at the door from opening to closing should catch your eye; but not to worry, the line moves quickly. 

Inside, decor is minimal, tables are covered in disposable paper and the steamy air, cramped tables and seats and fluorescent lighting reminds me of Vietnam. The menu is short and sweet. A variety of authentic Vietnamese appetizers and of course AWESOME Phở (rice noodle soup), surely someone will find what they love: chicken, sliced beef, beef tripe, beef balls, how about all of the above, the special as they call it? Orders arrive very fast and once you taste the golden slivers of deep-fried garlic, the pickled onion and the oyster sauce, you just want to be in there forever.

After your order, a variety of condiments come to the table, including sliced pickled onions (addictive), bean sprouts, basil, cilantro, mint and freshly chopped red chili. Question: does anyone know the name of the long-leafed herb that tastes like cilantro?
My 2 faves to start:

Bánh cuốn (Steamed rolled rice noodles with minced pork and black mushrooms) 
Chả giò (Deep fried spring rolls with pork)

Phở Boeuf Special (with slices of well-done and rare flank steak, beef tripe, beef ball and rice noodle). A big one costs 7€90 and the small 7€ (you might as well get the big one!)

Add some fresh bean sprouts and chili and you’re good to go…As Anthony Bourdain would say, “there’s nothing better than a good Phở

This place could be compared to a dive bar, but the food is good and cheap and keeps you warm in the winter. So join the crowds and check it out when you’re next in Chinatown!

Pho 14
29, avenue de Choisy, 
Tel: 01 45 83 61 15
Metro: Tolbiac

2 Responses to “Pho 14”
  1. R.Valli says:

    hahahahaha lov the pics, and you have to take me in chinatown…

    im waiting… =)

  2. Evan says:

    It is called Culantro!

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