Sixth Restaurant Service

We’ve arrived at our last week of school (of the year 2010) at Ferrandi and our last restaurant service of the year as well. We’ll have one more when we get back in January but for me I already feel a bit nostalgic…
It was a bit different this week; though dinner service was the same. Please see lunch service details below.

In any case it was a smooth run in the end and I will miss the hecticness of the kitchen during the holiday season! In the mean time, our sixth restaurant service at Ferrandi

Amuse-Bouche: Raviole de Romans, bouillon au lait de poule
(Mini-Ravioli with cheese, tomato and cilantro; milk foam)

Entrée: Tartare de Daurade, Carpaccio d’Agrumes, et son Sorbet Coco
(Tartare of sea bream, Citrus carpaccio and Coconut sorbet)

Poisson: Saint-Jacques en Coques lutes et Beurre Blanc au Noilly Prat
(Scallops served in its shell, Foie Gras and julienne carrots, celery, leek accompanied by a Noilly-Prat based Beurre Blanc)

— Apologies for lack of quality picture (I forgot to take a picture of my own dish and had to resort to phone pictures instead)

Viande: Hamburger de Canard aux Pommes et Espumas de Foie gras, Condiment de Tomate, Pommes Pont-Neuf et Oignon Frit
(Duck hamburger with Foie gras espuma, Condiments of Potato chip, onion ring, lettuce and vinaigrette and Tomato confit with mustard seeds)

On Thursday, our lunch service was prepared for a banquet of about 80 people, so our group (Anglo B) prepared the Entrée and Poisson course while Anglo A prepared the Amuse-Bouche and Viande course.

Amuse-Bouche: Marbré de Volaille, Champignons et Gelée Truffée
(Marbled Cake with chicken, mushrooms and Truffled jelly)

Viande: Jarret de Boeuf sur Quinoa aux Petits Légumes, Croustille de Noel au coulis Rouge et Vert
(Beef knuckle on a bed of Quinoa with vegetables, Christmas crisp, Red and Green coulis)


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