Zuma: Hong Kong

And so the blog continues to post culinary delights from abroad; for the next 2 weeks, we will get a taste of the what Hong Kong has to offer…let the tasting begin!

I have heard of Zuma for several years, when it opened in London, Istanbul and recently in Hong Kong and Dubai. Before I moved to Paris, my family and I decided to book a table at the much-anticipated Sunday Baiking Brunch special. I’ve heard many great things about it’s dinner service but I knew Brunch would be a real treat. We ended up having such a good time (perhaps the amount of alcohol can explain a part of it), that we booked it again for today (Sunday).
If you’re a fan of Zuma, like me, then you will be astonished by the 10,000 square feet restaurant spread on 2 floors. The decor of the restaurant is sublime with center-pieces of the rough hewn stone open kitchen, the beautifully lit and glass spiraling staircase joining the upper floor bar to the main dining room and outdoor terrace/lounge and sake bar (there’s even a sake sommelier!). 

The main entrance (on the upper-floor)

Spiralling staircase to the main dining room
Located in the upscale Landmark shopping center, Zuma takes on a contemporary twist of the casual Japanese izakaya style of eating and drinking. The brunch includes a selection of appetizers including sushi, sashimi, maki rolls (like salmon, hamachi and seabass with avocado and sesame-lime sauce) from the Sushi counter as well as grilled starters from the Robata counter (like Hokkaido scallops with grated apple, wasabi and sweet soy sauce, or Japanese Wagyu beef with ponzu and wasabi). Then the signature dishes like miso-marinated black cod wrapped in hoba (magnolia) leaf. I feel like I will enter a food coma anytime soon!

The cold and hot starters counter…(I didn’t take a picture of every single starter, but here’s a sample)

Sushi counter

Spicy salmon roll with fish roe
Half-cooked salmon roll

A selection of sashimi: salmon, hamachi, scallops, and sweet shrimp

Tuna with scallions and garlic chip

Clam soup

Slow cooked egg with chive and dried fish

The main course open-kitchen
The main dishes
Salmon fillet with Ginger teriyaki sauce and pickled cucumber

Sirloin steak, sauteed mushrooms, wafu sauce

Roasted mackerel, with persimmon salsa

Dessert platter: seasonal fruits, ice-cream cakes and red bean, taro and strawberry cheesecake ice-cream

What’s great about Sunday brunch is that it even includes free-flowing Perrior-Jouet Champagne, Sake – for those who can handle it, Zuma Bellinis, or a selection of red and white wine (But…if you’re still hungover from the night before though, not to worry, you can enjoy Sunday Brunch minus the alcohol at a discounted price)

The Landmark, Levels 5 & 6, Central District
Tel: 3657 6388
MTR Station: Central
Website: http://www.zuma.com

3 Responses to “Zuma: Hong Kong”
  1. R.Valli says:

    im HUNGRY right now….

    really, everything seems fucking tasty…

    loved the pics as always… =)


  2. Starkhati says:

    WOOWWW It looks amazing. Can we add this to the list of things to do when I come visit HK???

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  1. […] time I return to Hong Kong, I always make room on a Sunday to devour Zuma’s Sunday brunch. Here, the deal is unlimited champagne, sake or red/white wine, with an open buffet at the sushi […]

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