Tsui Wah 翠華餐廳

Happy New Year!!!! I hope you all had a wonderful countdown with family and friends and wishing you all a prosperous 2011! As always, the only thing I want to talk about is…food.

A trip to Hong Kong would not be complete without joining the locals (and I mean all locals – from celebrities, business tycoons and just your average Hong Kong-er) and ordering milk tea and a meal from an extensive menu from this ‘institution’, Tsui Wah 翠華. While there are many branches in town, the Central branch, open 24 hours, has become the place for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner AND late night food after a long night out. There’s always a crowd in this restaurant at every time of the day….ALWAYS.
The restaurant offers 3 levels of seating, so during a working day lunch hour, you may wait a bit but then up having a table with a local – normal proceedings at Tsui Wah and any local Chinese diner. 

Tsui Wah is one of Hong Kong’s most well-loved char chan tengs 茶餐廳 (Chinese tea diner commonly found in Hong Kong). A note about Char chan tengs

Char Chan Teng provide tea (usually weak tea) called “clear tea” (清茶 cing cha), to customers as soon as they are seated. It is also very common to use the heat to wash your utensils (this is will appear like an insult…) The name, literally “tea restaurant”, serves to distinguish itself from Western restaurants that provide water to customers instead of tea. The “tea” in the name refers to the inexpensive black tea, not the traditional Chinese tea served in traditional dim sum restaurants and teahouses
Cha chaan teng serves a wide range of food. Both fast food and à-la-carte dishes are available. A big cha chaan teng often consists of three cooking places: a “water bar” (水吧) which makes drinks, toast/sandwiches and instant noodles, a “noodle stall”, and a kitchen for producing rice plates and other more expensive dishes. 
Customers usually select their seats freely in a cha chaan teng, but in a crowded restaurant they may be given the choice of sharing a table with strangers. During peak hours, waiters in a char chan teng will seat their customers, “packing” as many customers into the restaurant as possible. In most char chan tengs, customers call out their orders to a waiter, who will jot down the prices of the ordered food 
Tsui Wah has branches all over Hong Kong, so you should have no problem finding it. This well established char chan teng is known to be open 24 hours, even during typhoons! The range of dishes served in this char chan teng will amaze, but perhaps the most amazing part is that none of the dishes has ever failed to satisfy. Locals come here, not for the service or decor but for the food. An extensive menu (shown underneath the glass table) offers a range of dishes from classic Fish ball with noodle, Chinese Fried Rice, Hainan Chicken Rice, to Japanese Udon Noodle and Indian curry – retouched to HK taste of course. This is as close as you can come to Chinese comfort food – all at very reasonable prices. 

Drinks are also varied here including the famous ‘Lai-Cha’ tea with evaporated milk, ice lemon tea and ice coffee. During special holidays, you’ll encounter seasonal creations such as Marshmallow with Sesame Ice-cream or herbal jelly on ice. 
Everyone finds something they like to eat at Tsui Wah so don’t be intimidated by the huge neon-lights and the hecticness of the restaurant. Trust me, this place has to be visited at least one time. 

During my short trip back to Hong Kong, I went to Tsui Wah A LOT as much as I could to show you the variety of food, but there’s just so much and I couldn’t display everything. So here’s just a preview of what they offer, obviously there are many other great dishes that I didn’t get to capture too… 

Tsui Wah in Central

I even have their t-shirt! 🙂 I do love Tsui Wah
All restaurants provide the extensive menu literally underneath your table.

Soft Pork bone..one of my favorites. The meat falls off the bone, is very tasty and tender so melts in your mouth.
You can even have it with Chive dumplings in Fish soup
Hands down to their fish soup stock. In this particular soup, the gravy of the pork bone adds a dimension to the fish soup that I really love, which is also why the soup acquires a brownish hue. Another topping that I love (not pictured) is fish skin dumplings (yu pei gao), essentially pork dumplings wrapped in a skin made of fish paste. 
Their famous ice-tea – keeps you up and running all day (the ice coffee even more so!)
Fish Ball and fish cake with noodle. My mom orders this EVERY TIME she comes here (3 times a week at least?) and never changes, NEVER. As a local, you tend to stick to what you love, and Tsui Wah makes this the best!

Pineapple Bun with Iced Butter. You basically place the thick slice of butter served on ice inside the bun and bite! Don’t forget to get yourself one of their very famous iced coffees too!

Crispy Condensed Milk Bun: toasted bun with butter topped with condensed milk

A normal breakfast: macaroni soup with ham and abalone, with 2 eggs
Some vegetables too…Gau Choy Fa (Flowering chives)
Soya sauce chicken wings (a great afternoon snack)

Crispy noodle with King Prawns. The noodle served is crispy and soft at the same time (from the sauce). It’s a great combination.
You can also have the same noodles with vegetables and mushrooms

So that’s a just a LITTLE preview of the extensive menu Tsui Wah offers. Like I said, you’ll have to try it to understand how GREAT this restaurant is and understand why Hong Kong people who live abroad and come back to the island, come to this restaurant as soon as they get back!

Main Branch…

Tsui Wah Restaurant 


15D-19 Wellington St., Central
Tel: 2525-6338
Subway Station: Central
Website: http://www.tsuiwahrestaurant.com

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    HAHA I also took all my warwick friends here last wednesday!

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