Petits Fours, Babas, Savarins et Marignans

The last pastry class was all about Petits Fours, Babas, Savarins and Marignans.

A petit four is a small confection generally eaten at the end of a meal (e.g. with coffee) or served as part of dessert. The name is from the French petit four, meaning “small oven”.
There are two different categories of petits fours. Petits fours secs (sec meaning “dry”) include a variety of small desserts, such as special dainty biscuits (also buttery biscuits), baked meringues, and macaroons. Petits fours glacés (glacé meaning “iced”) are iced or decorated in some way, such as tiny cakes covered in fondant or glacé icing, small éclairs, and tartlets. 

Below: Baba au rhum, Savarins and Marignans

baba au rhum is a small yeast cake soaked in liquor (rum), and sometimes filled with whipped cream or pastry cream
Savarin is a rich yeast cake is soaked with rum-flavored syrup and filled with Pastry Cream, Creme Chantilly or fresh fruit.
Finally, Marignan is a baked savarin soaked in a liqueur-flavoured syrup, covered in apricot jam, and a layer of meringue.

A typical day for Chef Thierry Jamard (our Pastry Chef during our culinary studies at Ferrandi). Thank you!


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