Last Restaurant Service…

I can’t believe it’s the last restaurant service of our school year. We’ve done 7 in total! All of them were a lot of work, hectic, but a fun learning experience – only that it’s about 30 % of the reality of the real working kitchen – something we will all encounter in the coming months!

A great ending with a nice menu….enjoy the photos!

Amuse Bouche by Rosella and Dionysis : Carré de duos de poivrons
(Duo of bell peppers, pickled quail egg topped with trout eggs)

Yellow and red peppers, agar jelly
Trout eggs
Final presentation:

Hors d’oeuvres by Yiyu, Natalia, Joppe and Matan: Le tout chataigne en multiple d’épices
(Chestnut three ways with its spices)

Marbled chestnut

Final presentation

Poisson by Isabel, Roberto and Me: La mer en écume du fruit de sa passion
(Seabass with its fruit of passion)

Marking the bar (seabass)

Final presentation

Viande by Carolina, Maniko and Sinan: Médaillon de selle d’agneau, Shitake et superposé de légumes
(Lamb medallion, layered vegetables and Aubergine crisp)

Ail confit

Layered vegetables

Final presentation

Super sad of having been done with restaurant service, but now onto more professional work!
Hope I survive! 🙂


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