The last recipes of the Ferrandi chapter…

So sad that these are the last entries of my time in culinary school. Ending with a lot of meat (including beef, pork and lamb) – which I can’t complain about 🙂

Entrecôte grillée, Beurre persillé, Pomme croquettes (Grilled entrecote with parsley butter and deep-fried potatoes)
Steak sautés Bercy, pommes cocotte (Steak with Bercy sauce – a reduction of shallots, white wine and brown stock)
Carré de porc Choisy, Pommes Chateau
(Oven-roasted rack of Pork with braised lettuce and sauteed potatoes)

Epaule d’Agneau, Gratin de pommes de terre (Lamb shoulder and Potato gratin)

Carré d’Agneau (persillé) primeurs (Parsley covered rack of lamb) 

Thursday and Friday is the final test of our school year, we have to remember every technique we’ve done so far. Can’t believe it’s already the end of culinary school and the beginning of the internship! Scary stuff!

Luckily, tomorrow, we have our last regional meal of Le Grand Ouest – to enjoy our time as a class in the kitchen before the test, our school trip to Brest and then graduation!


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