Le Grand Pan

Tucked in the 15th arrondissementBenoit Gauthier’s Le Grand Pan unfussily and deliciously serves up superb meats (pork, veal, lamb, chicken even bambi!)

A fantastic local bistro in the 15th district under the Young chef Benoît Gauthier who trained at Le Troquet has come up with a way to satisfy carnivorous appetites. Yes, it’s all about the meat. The atmosphere is casual with large wooden tables that invite customers to gather near each other family-style. 

Served on rectangular platters in huge chunks, the meat is scorched in heat. The menu lies on the nearby chalkboard; some of the permanent dishes include a platter of charcuterie to be followed by cote de boeuf, cote de porc or cote de veau, all in servings for two.

Assiette de Charcuterie to start:
Amuse-Bouche: Creme de Choux-fleurs in a reduction of smoked ham and onion
Getting ready for the meat: 
Côte de porc Ibaïona de chez Louis Ospital (Pork)
Côte de veau de Mauléon (Veal)

All meat dishes come with salad and potatoes (just to make you feel a LITTLE healthy). The potatoes are double-cooked hand-cut fries tossed lightly with garlic. 


Tarte tatin de Romain

Mont blanc

Le Grand Pan is a serious value for the amount you are given. A great meal, and a definite neighborhood try out for meat lovers across the board!  

Le Grand Pan
20 rue Rosenwald, 75015
Tel: 01 42 50 02 50

Metro: Convention (Ligne 12), Plaisance (Ligne 13)

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