Robert et Louise

Robert et Louise is a small restaurant, easily missed on the Rue Veille du Temple.

Try not to miss this hidden gem for carnivores. The walls are adorned with kitchen utensils and pictures of the old days – makes you feel like you’re back in 1930s. In general, the decor is rather minimal, everything around you is made of wood and in the back you can see the great big wood burning fire where most of the meats are grilled. Yes…that’s the ‘kitchen’, at the back of the restaurant – actually it’s an alcove with an open fire and a giant wooden chopping block. 

It’s all about the meat – which the Chef grabs from the hanging fridge and slabs it on the grill, serving it on a hot wooden plate. The meat is cooked to perfection – saignant/rare and you can taste the smokyness of the meat coming from the burning wood. 

To start, we had an assiette de charcuterie and the boudin noir (yummy blood sausage and very sweet as well) which were both delicious and served with baguette and cornichons

The starters were a great introduction to the country-style food we’d be getting but it was the meats that came afterwards that were brilliant. All served with roasted potatoes and a side-salad. 

The confit de canard was juicy, tender and fell of the bone.

The plat du jour: Tête de veau melted in your mouth. It consisted of different pieces of the veal’s head served with diced cornichons, eggs and caper sauce.

The entrecôte, served saignant is a meat lover’s dream. It’s dark on the outside, pink, juicy and tender on the inside, so tender you can cut it with a butter knife with fat to make it have plenty of flavor. 

I found out that Anthony Bourdain came here and loved it, and I can see why. Another great meat find in Paris with an inexpensive menu (try to come during the week, they have the best prix-fixe in town: 12 euros for starter and main or main and dessert – who can beat that?!). Prices here are kept at a low and the portions are generous so definitely a great value for money. No need to reserve here, perhaps only for dinner on weekends.

Robert et Louise
64 Rue Veille du Temple, 75003
Tel: 01 42 78 55 89
Metro: Saint-Paul (Ligne 1)


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