You’re all probably wondering why I’m blogging in the middle of the week on a Tuesday morning when at this current time, I should be prepping ingredients for tonight’s dinner at my internship. Good observation!

No, I’m not blogging live from the kitchen (though that would be super cool)… here’s the real reason why. 
Being over-excited with starting my new internship, I wanted to do everything I could to show my motivation and commitment to the work with a good and fresh start. This is not an over-ambitious idea, but I guess I have to admit I was still in the process of learning the ‘ropes’ of the trade at my internship.

Picking up produce for the ‘destockage’ is one of the tasks that all the chefs must commit to which requires making sure the right amount of ingredients arrived and making sure they are placed in appropriate/sanitary boxes for the fridge, ready for use.

The men in my kitchen (all men with young hearts) run around and jump stairs all the time. No, I didn’t try to be like them, but I tried to rush down the stairs just like them and unfortunately for me, the ONE time I did not hold the stair railing, I slipped and fell down a flight of 10 stairs. Immediately feeling a sense of embarassment and fear that someone would see, I immediately got up but felt a surge of pain on my lower-back. I thought it was nothing too serious and didn’t want to appear like a baby or a ‘over-sensitive’ girl in pain on her first week. I let it slide for a couple of days but unfortunately the pain got worse leaving me with sleepless nights, me unable to sit properly let alone work (standing 12 hours a day and walking around carrying 5kg of whatever ingredients/pots and pans don’t help either).

I finally decided it was ‘smart’ to see a doctor on the recommendation of the nurse who is on call at my company. Yesterday, the news was that I was not allowed to work for minimum a week as my tailbone got bruised. Telling the chefs that I could not come to work was very hard; I want to be there working even with the long hours because I get to learn something new everyday and get to improve on my skills as well; at the same time though it’s hard working when you’re in pain and the very bone that facilitates movement of your legs makes it harder for you to concentrate on your work; thus not perform 100%. It’s a decision that I think is bitter sweet but I feel that recovering from injuries that might affect the rest of my life is more important than missing 1 week’s worth of internship.

So stay tuned on One Spoonful At A Time, i will be on bed-stay and will be updating some venues that I visited in the past few months that I never got to share with you guys!

One Response to “Bittersweet”
  1. G.Ginesta says:

    Jade, hope you get better soon! Please look after yourself!

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