– the new social engine just for Food

I have just come across a new…(drum roll please)….food site. No, it’s not another amazing food blog with to-die for pictures of all kinds of food but it is supposedly a search engine (just like Google) dedicated just for food. It gathers all the recipes from around the web and at the same time enables you to share and trade tips and recommendations. 

The homepage is slick and clean like Google’s, offering just 2 boxes to help users decide what to cook on. The first is to help users decide what type of recipe they are looking for, while the second is set up so that users can type in what they don’t have or don’t want in their recipe (for example: I typed ‘roast chicken’, without herbs)

The results are presented next to each other with images and their ingredients along with instructions which helps users easily compare recipes. You can also share the recipe (through Facebook, Twitter or email), save the recipe on a “Food playlist” or just simply read it. 

Now, foodies out there are already familiar with and Epicurious and are probably wondering why they should you but I think it’s a great way to share and trade recipes between friends, “like” the recipes and even create “events” on Facebook around it. 

So, check out – you won’t be disappointed!

Also, have a look at their introductory video:


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