How many amuse-bouche do we need right now? Just 239.

This is an unexpected blogpost from me since it’s during the week and I should be at work. Well, I have a 2-hour break and I decided to come back home for a quick rest and a sip of coffee too.
Usually Wednesdays is just for dinner service but today, 60 journalists came for a presentation/interview/film on my ‘big boss’ and we had to plate banquet-style, which is quite rare at the restaurant.

Our chef decided for the garde-manger (ie. me and 2 other cooks) to plate 4 amuse-bouche per person… 60 journalists x 4 amuse-bouche = 240 amuse-bouche – in half an hour. You can just imagine the hecticness that came out of the garde-manger; something quite different to the usual restaurant service but well-worth the experience! Everything went smoothly as others in the kitchen helped too before it was their turn to plate 60 entrees and 60 main courses. We cleaned up fast since usually, we get a 3-hour break between out mise-en-place and service time, and luckily we were well organized!

Another reason why I wanted to blog quickly was because yesterday I was interviewed by a small Parisian newspaper called “20 minutes”; it is given out free at metro stops and I was quoted at the end of this short article about foreign students coming to France (and Paris) to learn to cook. It’s in french so apologies for those who do not understand but am so proud to have been part of the article on Ferrandi. Here’s the link:

Basically I was quoted talking about how I love to work on promoting the natural flavors of the ingredients (e.g. the sweetness of scallops for example). I am also quoted in the fact that neo-bistros are revolutionizing French cuisine; they learned from great chefs and are renewing the basics (a response to a statement the journalist made about if perhaps french gastronomic culture is in decline compared to others?).

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