Dans Les Landes

Since Yves Camdeborde’s success with Le Comptoir, s’wine bars (everything pork, cochon, ham, pig, hog, boar, jambon, & wine) have become more trendy.
Upcoming openings include Gregory Marchand from Frenchie and Guillaume Delage from Jadis

Why this trend? It’s more convivial, you get to mingle with the locals by sitting in communal tables, it’s affordable and you can nibble on a large variety of dishes while sipping your wine.

Julien Duboue from Afaria, recently opened Dans Les Landes in the 5th district. Immediately when you walk in, you can tell you’re in Basque region. In the background, an iPod is playing typical regional music, from the terracotta roof tiles on the ceiling you see hanging piment d’espelette and dried hams. 

It’s a small restaurant, with a capacity of about 25 people and for such a small venture, the menu selection is surprisingly varied. 

Unlike L’Avant Comptoir, there are seats – most of them are high tables made of wood, just like the interior decor.  Dishes here are served tapas style and reflects the Chef’s combination of different ingredients – all high quality creating the longest chalkboard menu I have seen with prices ranging from 4 euros – 21 euros. 

Expect a lot of pork, duck, foie gras and grilled meats. I would definitely go back with a large group of friends to eat and drink and sample different dishes. I was very impressed with the creative presentation – a very rustic feel including wooden cheese boxes, staubs, terra cotta tiles and a slab of pork belly..yes that was the ‘plate’. 

Sabot de Jambon Ibaïona 

Pot de boudin tiède aux pommes (warm pot of boudin noir) – my favorite, very sweet and you can taste the sweetness of the apples

Poitrine de porc croustillante aux épices (pork belly croquettes in 5 spice) – very Asian I thought
Mini-croissant au Jambon truffé – (melt-in-your-mouth) Croissant with flaky buttery layers of béchamel sauce, jambon and black truffles

Travers de porc Ibaïona, Sauce Barbecue (Pork ribs)
Pied de cochon en escabèche – croquettes of pig’s foot

Bocal de foie gras – house made foie gras

Guindillas sur ventrèche – sweet green peppers wrapped in crispy bacon and served on a slab of pork belly

Chipirons frits au piment doux – fried baby calamari

Gambas aux crémeux thai épicés – Fried shrimp in coconut milk

The wine list is also varied, it offers interesting AOC choices organized by region and start at 5 euros per glass and 20-40 euros per bottle. 

No reservations needed (for the time being) – come before this place gets too trendy – which I know will happen very soon!

Dans Les Landes
119 bis Rue Monge, 75005
Metro: Censier-Daubenton (Ligne 7)
Telephone: 01 45 87 06 00

One Response to “Dans Les Landes”
  1. Mashav says:

    serving on a pork belly is hilarious. By the way, do you have sponsors that fund your dinning or do you pay it all yourself?

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