Les Bistronomes

Bistronomie,  a mash up of the words “bistro” and “gastronomie” describes the new wave of small, non-fancy restaurants who have worked in haute cuisine in France (please see previous post here). Let’s give thanks to a journalist called Sebastien Demorand for the idea, name and new culinary movement. Demorand, a critic at Zurban, coined the term bistronomie in 2003 at the Semaine de Fooding and not even 10 years later have we seen a swarm of restaurants like Les Bistronomes making this concept a reality. 

Les Bistronomes, headed by Chef Cyril Aveline who worked with great chefs like Michel Rostang and Eric Frechon opened this small restaurant, 5 minutes away from the Louvre and across the street from the Molier fountain. His menus are simple but full of surprises, averaging between 26€ – 35€ for the lunch menu (depending on the number of courses you would like), compared to dinner at around 50€ before wine. 

To start off…with some rillette de porc

Paté en croûte et ses légumes pickles
Paté of duck and foie gras with a gelatine, nice pickled vegetables

Poireaux vinaigrette à la truffe et mimosa
Leek vinaigrette with truffles and mimosa sauce – though I did not taste the truffle
Salade de lentilles tiède, Saucisses de Morteau
Warm lentil salad (could have been a bit more al dente) with Sausage – which could have been cut a bit more thinner

Parmentier de Pied de Cochon
The best dish of the lunch. Deboned pig’s foot (melted in your mouth) on a bed of parsnip puree. A popular dish among food bloggers and critics who have praised the tenderness of the meat and the sweetness of the puree. 
Onglet du boucher échalote, gratin dauphinois
Unusual piece of meat to serve at a restaurant in France. A very hard find at the butcher’s – hangar steak; served with onion confit and traditional French gratin dauphinois

Petit pot au chocolat

Riz au lait, caramel au beurre salé

Pomme au four et son sorbet, sur sablé breton

A very enjoyable lunch – Thank you to Demorand for inventing the word and concept. I have become almost obsessed with this new wave and a major fan of this new movement. 

Les Bistronomes
34 Rue de Richelieu, 75001
Tel: 01 42 60 59 66
Metro: Pyramides
Closed: Sundays


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