Le 39V

Le 39V on 39 Avenue George V is sleek and chic restaurant and sits on the rooftop of a beautiful building behind a discreet front door. 


Up the elevator we go…


Walking in the restaurant (from the private elevator) you meet a spacious bar, a terrace that sits in the middle, on one side a half circle shaped dining room greeting diners (mostly business men and women and the likes of those in Fashion) who eat and on the other side of the terrace, the kitchen – all paned in floor to ceiling windows.


Frédéric Vardon heads the contemporary French kitchen with a strong culinary background with two Alains: Alain Chapel (deceased in the 1990s) and Alain Ducasse – both 2 French 3 Michelin star Chefs.




A la Carte choices…


Tourteau, Macédoine de légumes, pousses et germes d’hiver d’agrumes – Minced crab with winter greens and citrus fruits


It was very light and refreshing; beautiful in color 



Salade de légumes et fruits, jus acidulé

Fruit and vegetable salad with a light tangy dressing




Foie gras de canard des Landes, au naturel, condiment (pommes, coings et raisins)

Foie gras of the Landes region with apple, quince and raisins



Well seasoned foie gras, I loved the little fruit molded at the top of the plate 



With surprisingly sweet bread that went very well





Tartare de boeuf taillé au couteau, pommes allumettes

Beef tartare cut by hand, french fries




Veau fermier, macaroni au vieux comté et blanquette de légumes, jus d’un roti


A very classic French dish







The dishes are not pricey but the restaurant’s prix-fixe menu at 39 euros (or 49 euros with dessert) is a popular deal among regulars here as it changes daily. 


Foie gras with minced chicken topped with winter greens and alphalpha leaves





Roasted pollock fish on a bed of sauteed spinach and diced baby tomatoes




Dessert? Why Not…and some free mignardises




The wine list features more than 100 references from all the regions of France. For a classy lunch or even dinner in Paris with amazing views, come by Le 39V to rub shoulders with beautiful people.



Le 39V                                                                                                                                                              Address: 39, avenue Georges V, 75008 


Métro : Georges V (Ligne 1) Alma Marceau (Ligne 9) 

Closed: Saturday and Sunday

Telephone: 01 56 62 39 05


Website: le39v.com






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