Home creations (part 2)

Another weekend goes by and another opportunity to create some new dishes at home arise.

This time, it was Flank steak with a mushroom and Os a Moelle (Bone Marrow) farce accompanied by a light Asparagus puree.


Unlike making an Asparagus puree by overcooking it in water then blending it with liquid cream, the water from boiling the Bone Marrow was used. It was then blended in a mixer and reserved.

The Bone Marrow itself was diced and cooked in butter with diced Champignons de Paris (mushrooms); then the mixture was cooled in the refrigerator in plastic film. After cooling, the farce was placed onto the flank steak which was then rolled and pan-fried.

The Flank steak was presented on top of the Asparagus puree with some raw Champignons de Paris and blanched Asparagus heads.

A wonderful dinner indeed.


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    Really like it!

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