Patisserie Pain de Sucre

Walking down Rue Rambuteau, a long queue is held before you in front of a matchbox-size pastry shop…What are they waiting for? They’re waiting to be transported into a fairytale…a world away from this world. From the creeky planks you walk on to the ornate decorations on the ceiling; not to mention the never-ending goodies lying on the wall, Pain de Sucre holds all the right pieces to be the most elemental pastry shop.

This creative and colorful pastry shop is known for its multi-colored marshmallows, fruity tarts with unusual flavors and a baba au rhum that receives its dose of rum from a hypodermic needle.

Some of the goodies…

Every passerby stops and stares…or in the least, takes a glance at the shop and probably thinks: “wow this place looks amazing”…”should I go in? Aaah but I just had lunch, it’ll ruin my diet…but oh my god look at that tart, look at those marshmallows…I have to get something! No, I can’t. Yes, I can. No, I can’t. Yes, I can…” A perfect example of my experience at Pain de Sucre

And the macaroons! Who can forget about the macaroons!

Talking about macaroons. I need to stop the photos for a moment. This is a very important subject matter. Do not skip ahead. I believe there are 3 main camps of macaroon lovers in the world – those who love La Durée, those who love Pierre Hermé and the upcomers like Pierre Marcolini, Pain de Sucre and such. They all have different styles and Pain de Sucre keeps it unique. It tends to come in 3rd place. Do you like them crunchy or more moist? Depends on your preference…but at Pain de Sucre, they are a must-order. I recommend the cerise-pistache (cherry pistacchio) and the caramel au beurre salé (salted butter caramel). You will tell that in texture, flavor, and approach to making the macaroon that its very different from the other two famous houses.

Moving on…There’s also a boulangerie section…after all…if you’re just looking to buy a baguette for dinner.

Fairytale you want? Fairytale you will get!

On the side of the store...a miniature sugar habitat for chocolate elephants and hippopotami


Pain de Sucre
14 Rue Rambuteau, 75003
Tel: 01 45 74 68 92

5 Responses to “Patisserie Pain de Sucre”
  1. Roberto says:

    I love the elephant! 🙂
    And… 🙂

  2. mtchea says:

    hi!!! i would love to pick your brain
    do you have some great places to eat at in paris?
    looking for just good food to take family and friends – nothing too expensive but just YUM!

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