Le Ribouldingue: not for the faint of heart, but for those who want to eat it.

Le Ribouldingue is certainly not for the faint of heart, but for those who want to eat it. Yes, eat…heart that is. And bones. And liver. And kidney. And tongue. Basically it’s all about the offal parts (organs) here. The squeamish luckily can order beef or fish from the menu and be happy with their meal.

The walls were adorned with these jumping ‘men’ – something I didn’t really get.

To start off: Terrine de tete de cochon (terrine of pig’s head) – very nice texture and they had deep fried bits of it on the salad.

Os à Moelle rôti, fleur de sel et toasts – Bone marrow to die for…perhaps a bit too much as a starter but was exceptionally good.

Cervelle d’agneau meunière, capres à queue et ail croquant – lamb’s brain, yes, i don’t know why i tried it but I did. Kind of tasted like tofu, and not too strong in taste.

A nice 2006 bottle from St. Emilion accompanied our meal.

Bonne continuation:

Canard Challandais au Sang, mangue acidulée – Duck that was perfectly cooked and a nice acidic mango sauce.

Rognons de veau poelés, gratin Dauphinois – reminds me of my mother who loves to eat this while in Paris. Again very good.

To finish we had desserts but I was not impressed at all. The grapefruit ice-cream with campari which was much too sour for my taste and the riz au lait had a weird texture to it. I think perhaps they should stick to offal parts.

As you walk into this neo-bistro that sits in the shadow of Notre-Dame Cathedral, clearly you know it’s all about the food and the good taste. Obviously a lot of restaurants want the same thing but nowadays there’s so much attention on who designed the restaurant and what materials they use that you tend to forget about the chefs.

It’s a small dining room with butter-colored walls. Nothing fancy. People come here for one thing…to eat and good food is what they get…at a good price as well – the 3 course dinner menu is set at 32 euros (it used to be 27 euros). The staff is very attentive, and as I was heading to the bathroom, I saw the kitchen, the size of a small one-bedroom kitchen with 1 chef…1 Japanese Chef by himself cooking for 30 people. I smiled at him and he smiled back briefly before looking stressed out at the lamb’s brain he had cut into pieces.

Le Ribouldingue

Address: 10 rue St. Julien le Pauvre, 75005
Metro t: St. Michel (Ligne 4, RER B, C)
Closed: Sunday, Monday
Telephone: 01 46 33 98 80


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