Un Dimanche à Paris

Having lived in Paris for 7 months now and before that being a frequent visitor, I have been asked this question almost all the time: “what do you on Sundays? Everything is closed. Aren’t you bored?”

I pondered a bit about this question. Coming here on vacation and living here are 2 very different experiences. Visitors complain that shops are closed and museums are too crowded to visit; and perhaps one weekend in Paris is not enough to get the feel for the city. Living here, though, you love that lazy Sunday where you get up late, go to your local market, pick up a roast chicken for lunch and/or perhaps dinner and that can be your day. Some sundays I’m happy with that. But now that the first days of Spring are felt on Parisian streets (today it’s about 23 degrees celsius!), there are more things to do: picnics, outdoor exhibitions and concerts and the like.

Having said this, if you’re bored in Paris on a Sunday and have an appetite for sweets, head to Un Dimanche à Paris (literally: A Sunday in Paris…how fitting). Chocolate lovers please read on…. Un Dimanche à Paris, owned by Pierre Cluizel (part of the famous French chocolate family and son of Michel Cluizel – the father has made chocolate since 1948…yeah a long time) is a Chocolate concept store, an exhibition kitchen, a ‘chocolate’ and tea salon and a large restaurant (that’s just the first floor). As you walk up to the second floor, you find yourself in front of a teaching kitchen and its own tasting area adorned with sofas and a side lounge where a very nice barman will make you potions to help you appreciate and understand chocolate to its fullest.

On the first floor, you will find all kinds of candies, chocolates (milk, dark, white),and pastries (including macaroons). For those not too crazy about chocolate (though I’m sure everyone is), the caramel au beurre salé is very good.

Some Macaroons to try? The strawberry yoghurt one is to die for.

Also very interesting were the chocolate pebbles: cilantro-chocolate, rosemary chocolate and pink pepper chocolate (the last one was the best..a bit weird at first but very addictive).

I HAD to get these…white/milk chocolate and hazel-nuts

I thought this chocolate mill was very cool

The restaurant is next to the shop and offers outdoor seating as well.

Upstairs we go to the teaching kitchen…state of the art – very impressive.

And the bar…oh the bar…

In the 5th district, near Odeon metro station (on the Left-bank), you’ll find this state-of-the-art chocolate store that holds down 3 buildings. The shop, as the name says, is open on Sundays (and every other day of the week) where you can find cooking classes or relax and have lunch or dinner. Having tasted the large tablet of chocolate with crushed hazelnuts, I decided to pass on the meal but I know for sure that if I’m bored on a Sunday, I can always go back any day of the week…especially on a Sunday.

Un Dimanche à Paris (opened 7 days a week; 9 am – midnight)
4-6-8 Cour de Commerce Saint André, 6th arr.
Metro: Odeon (Ligne 4, 10)
Telephone: 01 56 81 18 18
Website: www.un-dimanche-a-paris.com

Going to Un Dimanche à Paris, I got out the wrong metro exit and stumbled in front of Patrick Roger. Another M.O.F – Chocolatier whose window display was more grand but I didn’t get the same cozy vibe in the store.

With the coming of Easter, all pastry/chocolate shops display eggs.

One Response to “Un Dimanche à Paris”
  1. Roberto says:

    Nice program on sunday, it must be very good all this candys!
    Nice thing you’re posting about pastry shops, very cool!

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